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More UK Speed Cameras Burned
More speed cameras in London, Cheddar Valley and Peterborough, UK were destroyed this week.

Torched gatsoA speed camera on the A47 Soke Parkway in Peterborough, UK was set alight with burning tires around noon on Thursday. Local police condemned those responsible as "idiots." This attack follows an incident last week where a car rammed a speed camera.

Last Sunday, a London speed camera was likewise burned with tires near junction eight on the M25. This attack followed a string of similar attacks in the area.

Another camera, located on the A38 at the foot of Shute Shelve in Cheddar Valley, burned so furiously that the metal on the support pillar also melted. Police estimated the damage at £50,000.

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A spokesman for motoring organisation, the RAC said: "We would never condone that kind of direct action of course, but speed cameras are a focus of frustration from motorists. The vast number of motorists see them as tools of revenue raising and do not trust the reasons why they have been placed on certain roads."
Source: Speed camera torched (Peterborough Today, 4/21/2005)

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