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Oceanside, CA Camera: 800 Percent Increase in Rear End Accidents
Red light cameras in Oceanside, California are seeing a significant increase in rear-end collisions.

Oxnard, CA red light camera crashA red light camera installed at an Oceanside, California intersection at the beginning of the year has already experienced an 800 percent increase in rear-end collisions. The intersection of Oceanside and College Blvd. saw one such accident in the first three months 2004. This year, there have been eight.

From January 10 through March 31 this year, Oceanside's other camera-enforced intersection at Oceanside and College Blvd. saw one rear-end accident where it had two the previous year. Taken together, Oceanside's camera intersections saw a 375 percent increase in rear-end accidents in a sixty day period.

The cameras have generated $885,500 in revenue and police believe they have been a success, dismissing the accidents as "minor." Rear-end collisions, however, can be fatal. Though not caused by cameras, a man was killed was killed on April 9 at a Lakewood, Ohio intersection after being rear-ended. The picture shows a car that stopped at a red light camera intersection in Oxnard, California lifted into the air by a car behind that did not stop in time.

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"They begin to get a little jittery about making a stop," [Oceanside police officer Lt. Rick] Sing said.
Source: Minor rear-end accidents increase since red-light cameras installed ( North County Times (San Diego), 4/22/2005)

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