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UK: Camera Tickets People for Turning into Parking Lot
Parking at a Sutton, UK hardware store becomes expensive as a camera tickets people turning into the lot.

Bus lane cameraSutton, UK residents are furious after receiving £100 (US $190) fines for making a left hand turn into a local hardware store parking lot. The citations are coming from a camera that monitors and tickets anyone who drives in a traffic lane designated for buses only. Shoppers who come from a certain direction must make a left-hand turn into the lot, momentarily crossing over the bus-only lane. They receive a ticket even though they are only in the bus lane for a second or two. One resident, Lee Fowler, had been driving to the store for more than a decade. One day he found £300 (US $575) worth of tickets in his mailbox.

"I feel like I've been mugged but I can go to the police when I get mugged," Fowler told the Sutton Guardian.

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[Resident Simon Powell] said: "The entrance sign to B&Q is before the end of the bus lane so you automatically go into the left lane. The bus lane itself is only about 10 metres long so it's ridiculous. I'm angry about it because I feel like I've followed all the signs."
Source: Round the bend (Sutton Guardian (UK), 4/22/2005)

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