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Cleveland, UK Mobile Camera Trailer Burned
A mobile speed camera trailer in Cleveland, UK was destroyed by fire.

Speed camera trailerA mobile speed camera trailer in Cleveland, UK was destroyed with burning tires on Tuesday. Last Saturday, the trailer received "cosmetic damage" after an unsuccessful attack. The trailer, like the one pictured, was moved to various locations along the A66 and will cost £50,000 to replace. The device generated £120,000 (US $227,000) in annual revenue. Police are also unable to catch a man placing traffic cones over camera lenses near Hartlepool.

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Mick Bennett, of the Cleveland Safety Camera Partnership, slammed the vandals for attacking what he described as a vital road safety device. He said: "This camera is recording just over 2,000 speeding offences a year, I accept that it is not a final solution, but it will be at least three years before the new flyover is open, and until then it is protecting that junction and saving lives."
Source: Mobile speed camera is burnt out (Darlington and Stockton Times (UK), 4/16/2005)

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