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UK Speed Camera Overkill
Northern Ireland speed camera flashes everything passing by. Staffordshire, UK road has 9 cameras in 1.5 miles.

BicyclistA speed camera in Northern Ireland located in the Upper Newtownards Road in East Belfast began to flash every passing vehicle, including a bicyclist caught riding at 22 MPH. Hundreds of motorists were likewise caught on camera this week, despite being caught in heavy, slow-moving traffic. Police officials are aware of the camera fault and claim that tickets will not be issued.

English motorists are experiencing a different kind of speed camera overkill. On a 1.5 mile stretch of the A5 near Cannock in Staffordshire has nine cameras. Four of the devices are within 200 yards of one another. Truck driver Phil Rogers told the Express, "Because the cameras are quite well hidden many drivers only notice them when they're on top of them and then slam on their brakes. I've seen quite a few smashes exactly because of this."

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Driver Peter Johnston said... "I couldn't believe it as I drove through and the thing flashed me. I told my friend with me to note the time and confirm I wasn't speeding there, because I knew something wasn't right. Then, as we were stuck in traffic a man went by on a push bike and he got flashed too. We were laughing by this stage because the whole thing was so ridiculous."
Source: CAUGHT SPEEDING.. AT 22MPH (Mirror (UK), 4/15/2005)

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