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New DC Speed Cameras Make Millions
The four fixed speed cameras in the District of Columbia have made millions in just one month.

DC policeIn a little more than a month of operation, Washington, DC's four new fixed speed cameras have already generated millions in revenue for the city. The four cameras are located at Michigan Avenue and Benning Road in Northeast, MacArthur Boulevard and 16th Street in Northwest. Since March 20, they have generated 51,000 citations. DC speed camera fines are based on vehicle speed, so those tickets could generate between $1.5 and $10.2 million in revenue.

The DC Department of Motor Vehicles, meanwhile, is sticking by the camera fines issued to motorists on Michigan Avenue during the warning period announced by the police. DMV officials say motorists who feel it was unfair should take it up with a hearing officer.

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"If a person feels that their ticket was misleading, that person should bring in the press clippings and the MPD release and the hearing examiner will make a decision," [DMV spokesman Janis] Hazel said.
Source: DMV won't void tickets (Washington Times, 4/15/2005)

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