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DC Police Put Mobile Camera in Ticket Warning Zone
Washington, DC police put a mobile speed camera on a street where it announced only warnings would be issued for a new fixed camera.

DC photo radar carSome residents are calling the District of Columbia's latest speed camera move a dirty trick. The Metropolitan Police Department had announced only warnings would be issued by a new fixed speed camera on the 100 block of Michigan Avenue NE between February 18 and March 20. Many drivers, however, have been receiving tickets from the area.

"They got real tickets from a mobile camera that was stationed in the area, not from the fixed camera," D.C. police spokesman Kevin Morison told the Washington Times. The fixed camera was issuing warnings to eastbound traffic as the unmarked mobile camera car issued tickets to westbound traffic. The District only gave notice of the warnings to be issued on the street.

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Regina Page, a Northwest resident who received a $50 speeding ticket in the area Feb. 16 [said]... "It just kind of casts a negative light on [the program]," she said. "Is it really about safety or is it about profit?"
Source: Cameras create ticket turmoil (Washington Times, 4/11/2005)

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