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UK Raises $1.3 Billion from Speed Cameras, No Safety Benefit
UK issues 12 million speed camera tickets, but road deaths increase.

UK Ticket GrowthAfter issuing 12 million speed camera tickets in Britain, raising £700 million (US $1.3 billion), the death rate on UK motorways is up 2.5 percent. The number of tickets issued has grown exponentially. Cameras have been operating in the UK since 1992, but half of the total offenses were issued since 2002. Last year, 3.6 million tickets were issued, worth £216 million (US $404 million).

Paul Smith with the Safe Speed Road Safety campaign told the Evening Standard that "Cameras do not work. Why else, when roads, cars and hospital treatment are getting better, did road deaths go up by 2.5 per cent in 2003?"

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The RAC Foundation said motorists would be aggrieved at a "king's ransom" in fines. "They haven't achieved the reductions in death and injury we expected," said spokesman Kevin Delaney.
Source: Speed cameras catch 12 million motorists (London Evening Standard, 4/5/2005)

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