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Plan to Make Every London Road a Toll Road with GPS
A plan would use GPS to tax London motorists for every kilometer driven.

GPS satelliteLondon, which already charges drivers for entering the city during peak travel times, would extend the congestion charge to every road in the city through GPS tracking units. The plan was devised by the Chief of the Commission for Integrated Transport, Professor David Begg who told the London Evening Standard, "Over 20 years this new charge will raise more money than we need to transform London's public transport."

By charging 10 pence (US 19 cents) for every kilometer driven, the annual bill for average motorists -- already £1300 -- would grow to £4000 (US $7510). The estimated £3 billion revenue (US $5.6 billion) would be used to fund public transportation systems

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Paul Watters, of the AA Motoring Trust, said: "This could quadruple congestion charge bills for motorists unlucky enough to live and work in congested areas. It would be massively complex to put in place."
Source: All London roads should have toll (London Evening Standard (UK), 4/4/2005)

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