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Red Light Cameras Ignore Truckers
This article explains in detail why truckers never receive red light camera tickets.

Safelight: this truck was ticketedThis series of articles examines several issues involved in the red light camera program run by Safelight in North Carolina. The author catches the camera company in several interesting lies, most interestingly their claim that they do, in fact, send tickets to truckers. The photo used as evidence shows a truck clearly stopped at an intersection In our small photo, you can see the holes in the front wheels -- they aren't moving. The story link has the photo in high res.

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I proceeded to the crossroads of West Wendover Avenue and Hill Street, here in Greensboro. Here’s what I found out: The distance from the Red-light Camera to the intersection is 41’-3” hardly the sixty-five to eighty-five feet that most tractor-trailer rigs measure from nose to tail. (Remember: the trailer alone is 53’ in length.) That means that when the camera flashes, the rear of the trailer where the license plate is located has yet to enter the intersection or come into view of the camera. And one needs to remember that some tractor-trailer rigs are even longer than eighty-five feet in length.
Source: Red-light Cameras Dirty Little Secret (Idle Hands Magazine, 8/1/2004)

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