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London Police Giving Out More Tickets Than Can Handle
London speed cameras are handing out tickets faster than Scotland Yard can collect the fines.

New Scotland YardThe network of 400 speed cameras across London is sending out so many tickets that Scotland Yard cannot handle the load. Scotland Yard faces a massive backlog of penalty notices and is looking to pay a nearby police force to help process them.

The force is only collecting about 40 percent of fines, but officials with the London Safety Camera Partnership who operate the cameras want to lower the speed that triggers the camera and generate even more fines. Police are resisting the move because they do not want to appear "anti-motorist."

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Ms Jones said it was "absolutely vital" the London Safety Camera Partnership outsourced all or part of its operation. It would allow the Met to set its cameras at lower trigger speeds to catch motorists who get away with speeding at well over the 30mph maximum.
Source: Speed camera crisis (London Evening Standard (UK), 3/31/2005)

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