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UK Speed Camera Burned, More Maryland Photos
Fire damages Cumbria, UK speed camera. Maryland activists create more speed camera warnings.

Greedy Scam warningVigilantes last week set fire to a Cumbria, UK speed camera. The was device located on the A590 near Witherslack in the seaside resort town of Grange-over-Sands. The attack only did an estimated £3000 (US $5200) in damage.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, vigilantes continue to protest the use of speed cameras by writing "SCAM" in large white lettering on the street just ahead of the lucrative devices. The cameras themselves are unaffected and continue to generate revenue. At least three sites have now been targeted, with the messages "GOV. SCAM" and "GREEDY SCAM" added to the simple "SCAM" warning documented yesterday. View new photographs (GREEDY SCAM photo, GOV SCAM photo), courtesy of a local activist website that does not endorse this particular protest tactic.

"StopBigBrotherMD believes that those who feel that speed cameras are a scam should instead use legal means of expressing their frustration," the site's editor wrote. "That would include writing letters to the editor, writing to your state legislature, or challenging citations in court."

Source: Static speed camera set on fire (Press Association (UK), 10/19/2008)

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