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Maryland Vigilantes Protest Speed Camera
Vigilantes in Potomac, Maryland use paint warn of speed camera scam.

SCAM warningVigilantes painted "SCAM" on the pavement in large, white letters near a speed camera in Potomac, Maryland. The sign serves as a warning to approaching drivers that the automated ticketing machine on the side of River Road is active. WUSA television used a helicopter to capture a unique perspective on the warning.

Montgomery County jurisdictions are notorious for issuing as many speed citations as possible using ticket quotas, even though the practice is banned under state law. The county program generated $7.2 million worth of tickets last year. The village of Chevy Chase used cameras to nearly double its entire budget, spending a significant amount that was promised for "public safety" instead on "beautification improvements."

The latest incident marks an increase in the number of anti-camera incidents in the US. Just two months ago, vigilantes struck four speed cameras in Gaithersburg.

Source: Vandal Fights Back Against Speed Camera (WUSA-TV (DC), 10/14/2008)

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