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UK: Speed Cameras a Major Cause of Congestion
The UK's expert on congestion issues says that speed cameras cause traffic problems.

London congestionDerek Turner, whom the UK Highways Agency appointed to help eliminate congestion on major routes, says that, "Speed cameras do cause congestion." Many motorists slow down significantly when approaching a speed camera location, only to speed up after passing. This slow-down and speed-up cycle causes traffic problems.

Turner, the architect of London's congestion charge -- a tax on motorists just to drive into the city -- suggests black box speed limiters be installed on every vehicle would be a more effective alternative.

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Tony Vickers, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, said Mr Turner's comments came as "no surprise at all" as he had been one of the major lights introducing the congestion charge in London. "He always made his priorities very clear. He sees private car users as the bottom feeders effectively, the people least entitled to any privileges whatsoever on the road."
Source: Speed cameras major cause of congestion (London Telegraph (UK), 3/13/2005)

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