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UK: Speed Display Signs Replaced with Speeding Ticket Blitz
Safety rules replace non-intrusive traffic safety program with speed traps.

Speed Indication DeviceUK safety regulations are hindering a non-intrusive traffic safety program in Cumbria, UK. The Cumberland News reported yesterday that police can no longer use Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) in the most effective locations around North Allerdale because health and safety rules are preventing them from being moved. These signs display the speeds of passing motorists and are designed to increase drivers' awareness of surrounding conditions. The devices do not issue traffic tickets.

When two police officers claimed injuries after moving the signs, an official health and safety review was triggered. While this review is under way, police have pledged to focus on ticketing motorists.

"Officers will be in the parishes with radar speed detection guns in order to educate motorists and also to prosecute those caught speeding," Police Inspector Dawn Allen told the Cumberland News. "Those who wish to volunteer to assist in this scheme should make contact with their local parish or town council."

The UK government's Health and Safety Executive offers a wide range of detailed regulations covering not just the movement of heavy objects but other common police tasks such as the use of ladders. Police are often forbidden from using ladders unless they have received appropriate ladder training (view regulations).

Source: Two policemen injured moving speed devices (Cumberland News (UK), 7/25/2008)

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