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UK: Fire Destroys Speed Camera
Vigilantes destroy a speed camera in Sussex, England.

Vigilantes set a Sussex, UK speed camera on fire Thursday morning. A spokesman for Motorists Against Detection (MAD) suggested to the Argus newspaper that the attack was part of the group's "summer of madness" campaign to strike back against ticketing devices used for revenue raising. In this case, a £40,000 (US $80,000) camera on the A283 Lower Street in Pulborough went up in flames at about 1am. West Sussex Fire and Rescue was called in to extinguish the blaze.

The region has seen a number of similar incidents. In February, two cameras went up in flames. In October 2007, vigilantes took out a camera on the A264 in Slinfold. Three weeks later, vigilantes took out a camera on London Road, East Grinstead. Five days after that, a camera on the A24 at Dial Post went up in flames.

Source: Anti-camera campaigners threaten to torch speed cameras (The Argus (UK), 7/17/2008)

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