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South African Politician: Speed Fines Balance the Books
The Gauteng Commmunity Safety Department head in South Africa admits the motive for speed enforcement is revenue.

10 year logo, South AfricaA top South African official spoke what many believe to be an unspoken truth during a budget debate in the provincial legislature in Johannesburg. Ayanda Dlodlo, Gauteng's Community Safety Department head, said her police forces had to focus on speed enforcement, "because it is an important source of revenue for the relevant municipality."

The province issued 215,152 traffic fines over the holiday period in December and January. Of these, 86% were for speeding offences, 7% for unroadworthy vehicles, 6% for driver related offences such as drunken driving and 1% for other offences.

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Gary Ronald, spokesperson for the AA, said his organisation is very disappointed in Dlondlo's statement, which confirmed something the AA has suspected for a long time. "I cannot believe that a politician openly confirmed it."
Source: Speed fines 'balance the books' (News24 (South Africa), 3/9/2005)

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