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Australian Camera Challenged
Driving instructor and ex-cop challenge Australian camera accuracy.

Faulty Hunter cameraThe accuracy of the most notorious speed camera in the Hunter Valley area of Australia is being challenged in court. Phil Burns, who has been a driving instructor for 14 years, claims he was driving under the speed limit when the camera charged him for 86km/h in a 70km/h zone. He is joined by former police officer Neil Parker who received a similar citation.

The camera, located at Newcastle Road at Jesmond, sits directly under high-voltage power lines. It is a Truvelo unit supplied by the now-bankrupt camera operator Poltech, which was responsible for faulty citations in Victoria, Australia leading to $26 million in refunds. Burns' appeal will be heard in Newcastle District Court on March 17.

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Carried out by the National Standards Commission, Pattern Approval, in accordance with Australian standards, tests the uniformity of measuring instruments that could be affected by environmental conditions. Environmental conditions include high and low temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference (high voltage power lines), static electricity (created by friction), vibrations and human abuse.

Mr Burns said if the measuring instrument in question is not 'Pattern Approved' the State Government is illegally using the speed camera.
Source: Faulty camera claim (Newcastle Star (Australia), 3/8/2005)

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