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Corning, NY Will Seize Car for Three Parking Tickets
The city of Corning, NY proposes to seize cars for three unpaid parking tickets.

Towed awayGet three unpaid parking tickets and the city of Corning, New York will seize your car under a new proposal. Designed to collect $200,000 in unpaid fines, the program would hold vehicles until the owners pay all tickets, back penalties and towing fees before the car is returned.

The Corning city alderman will vote on the proposal Monday night.

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Alderman Frank Muccini, R-5, called the unpaid fines "ridiculous." "They owe the money, they should pay the fines," Muccini said. "But obviously they're not. So we have to do something about it."
Source: Corning will vote on impound proposal (Corning Leader (NY), 3/6/2005)

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