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UK: Speed Camera Evidence Manipulated
Police investigate speed camera operator for ticketing innocent motorists.

Speed camera vanA speed camera operator in Kent, UK has been suspended while police investigate charges that he "fixed" motorist speeds before issuing tickets. Motorcycle News learned Wednesday that the operator is accused of manipulating evidence to make motorists appear to travel faster.

"We've suspended a member of police staff on a procedural matter pending an internal investigation," Kent Police said in a statement. "This is standard practice while an inquiry is conducted. Kent Police is investigating the way in which speed camera equipment was used on a particular occasion."

The statement denied any readings had been "fixed" but admitted 120 citations have been thrown out.

"It is a procedural issue that relates to the use of the equipment," the statement continued. "We have discontinued 120 cases as a precaution while we investigate."

Source: Police admit speed camera scandal (Motorcycle News (UK), 3/20/2008)

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