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Red Light Tickets for Turning Right
Residents in Northwood, Ohio are irate that cameras are issuing tickets for turning right on red.

Right TurnThe new red light camera system in Northwood, Ohio is generating huge complaints as residents receive red light camera tickets even though they never went through a red light. Instead, they're being ticketed for right-hand turns on red.

Red light camera proponents always portray ticket recipients as people who blow through intersections long after the light is red, possibly causing a T-bone collision. Northwood's cameras are ticketing "rolling stops." This means slowing down without coming to an absolute halt or coming to a halt but beyond the white painted stop line. There is no reason to believe the latter maneuver would lead to accidents.

Sgt. Douglas Hubaker of the Northwood Police Department tells WTVG-TV that, "The biggest mistake people are making they are not stopping before the designated stop bar." That's likely why the city has already made $55,000 in less than 2 weeks.

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Northwood police have been flooded with calls from drivers complaining about one of the city's new red light cameras. The city installed two, the first at the corner of Woodville and Leymone, and the second at Oregon and Wales which is causing all the complaints.
Source: Red Light Camera Tickets Rolling Stops (WTVG-TV (Ohio), 3/2/2005)

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