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Canada: No Staff for Speed Camera Vans
Several mobile speed cameras in Edmonton, Canada sit idle because of a shortage of camera van drivers.

CommissionaireSitting in a speed camera van idle for hours at a time is not a popular occupation in Edmonton, Canada. As a result, Edmonton Police Service (EPS) officials are struggling to replace lost revenue as job postings for mobile photo radar operators remain unfilled. The problem left automated ticketing operations understaffed throughout 2007. According to an EPS memo prepared earlier this month, attempts to find a solution have failed.

"Two separate raises were put in to place to help attract new staff," EPS Superintendent Chris Kellett wrote. "This had limited impact due to numerous other job opportunities."

Edmonton police contract with the Canadian Corp of Commissionaires, a private company that employs primarily ex-military and police personnel, to provide staff for the ticketing operations. Some Commissionaires have been reluctant to take the job as camera van operators throughout the world have been attacked and threatened, reducing the attractiveness of the position. Workers so far have not been interested in shift work or the overtime payments involved. Edmonton police themselves are reluctant to spend the funds required to create twenty new non-sworn police positions to take over operation of the vans.

View an EPS memo on staffing problems in a 15k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: Photo Radar Program - Shortage of Staffing (Edmonton, Canada Police Service, 2/7/2008)

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