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Australia: Speed Cameras Causing Truckers to Drive Blind
Truck drivers in New South Wales, Australia find a number of dangerous techniques can help them avoid speed camera citations.

Truck photo by Brian Yap/FlickrTruckers in New South Wales, Australia are turning off their headlights and driving in the dark in order to avoid being ticketed by speed cameras. In some cases, truck drivers have been seen swerving into the other side of the road in a desperate bid to avoid receiving a photo ticket that, because it carries license points, could ruin their career.

So far, police have found between twenty and thirty drivers running without lights. NSW Liberal Party members are blaming the new problem on the lack of human police on the roads that follows from the government's over reliance on speed cameras.

"As thousands of families prepare to travel on NSW roads over this holiday season, the Iemma government must do all it can to ensure motorists' safety," opposition roads spokesman Andrew Fraser told Fairfax Newspapers.

Source: Truckies flying blind under the radar (Australian Associated Press, 12/16/2007)

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