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UK Faces $1.9 Million (US) Refund of Speed Camera Tickets
A court finds that a UK speed camera was used in an area with no clearly marked speed limit.

Wiltshire camera posterUK motorists caught by the A303 Folly Bottom speed camera between May 2003 and August 2004 can apply to get their fine refunded and points removed from their licenses. A court dismissed the case against Claire Allison, 46, who first raised the issue after being cited in the area and noticing there was no speed limit sign.

"I drive a very high mileage and I do my very best to always drive safely," Allison said. "The ticket in the post made me so angry because I knew that I hadn't passed a speed limit sign."

Refunds could cost the government £1 million (US $1.9 million).

Statement of the camera operators and Crown Prosecution Service

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In the first six weeks of the enforcement a police statement said more than 5,600 motorists were caught breaking the 40mph limit.
Source: Speed blunder could cost police (BBC News, 2/25/2005)

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