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Update: South Carolina Approves, Virginia Kills Camera Proposals
South Carolina and Virginia state legislators have killed efforts to revive red light cameras.

VA Speaker William J HowellUpdate: On Wednesday, March 2 the South Carolina Senate Transportation Committee approved a bill that would allow red light cameras to be installed in cities with a population greater than 20,000. On February 25, a strong push for legislation to allow red light cameras in South Carolina was killed by the state Senate Transportation Committee. In Virginia, the Speaker of the state House defeated an attempt by the state senate to save the state's red light camera program.

South Carolina state Senator John Hawkins rejected cameras because they force individuals to prove their own innocence.

Virginia Speaker William J. Howell ruled that the attempt of the state senate to add a red light camera extension to a bill requiring motorists to stop and provide their license plate number when they have an accident violated parliamentary rules, which means that the extension will not come up for a vote in the House. As a consequence, the state's red light camera pilot program will come to an end on July 1.

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"The original bill dealt with the duty of a driver to stop after an accident. The Senate substitute seems to have added something about red light cameras," Howell said. "...Even I can figure this one out. I don't believe it's germane."
Source: Red light camera bill dies in Senate committee (Associated Press, 2/25/2005)

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