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Kentucky: College Basketball Fan Gets Bogus Parking Tickets
Meter maids issue thousands of dollars worth of bogus parking tickets to a college basketball fan in Kentucky.

IAM4UK license plateA fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team is receiving hundreds of bogus parking tickets from around the country. Hickman County resident Ves Flavious Burgess owns a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with the Kentucky license plate IAM4UK, which he chose to display his support for his favorite team.

Kentucky does not require motorists to install front plates, so many sports fans have purchased novelty white-and-blue front plates issued from the state of "Wildcats" that read IAM4UK. Meter maids from Colorado to Maryland have written down this novelty plate number and used it to issue parking citations that went to Burgess, even though the cars allegedly responsible for the violations were clearly not fifty-year-old classics. The city of Baltimore, for example, claims Burgess owes $4045 in tickets and late fees.

Burgess refuses to pay the tickets which come from states where he has never visited, let alone parked illegally.

Source: Vanity Plate A Ticket to Problems for One Fan (WPSD-TV (KY), 11/9/2007)

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