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Canada: $10,000 Speeding Tickets Net $10 Million a Month
Ontario, Canada makes up to $10 million in the first month of issuing $10,000 speeding tickets.

OPP carOntario, Canada's new $10,000 speeding ticket delivered millions in revenue in its first month. In August, Premier Dalton McGuinty declared that driving 50km/h (31 MPH) over the speed limit constituted "street racing." The move authorized the imposition of the draconian financial penalties that had originally been created to apply only to actual racing. In the past thirty days, 1057 have been charged under the new definition, generating between $2.1 and $10.6 million in fines and another $500,000 in towing revenue.

"We will continue to use all available resources, including impounding vehicles and seizing drivers' licenses for up to seven days," said Chief Superintendent Bill Grodzinski, Commander of the Highway Safety Division.

Under the program, vehicles and driver's licenses are confiscated from anyone accused of "extreme speeding" for at least seven days without trial or any hearing. Based on the success of the program, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino wants to define street racing as driving 30 km/h (18 MPH) over the limit.

"The only regret I have now, in hindsight, is that I didn't go after 30 over as opposed to 50 over," Fantino told the Toronto Sun newspaper.

Source: Street racing takes a beating (Toronto Sun (Canada), 10/30/2007)

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