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Arizona: Speed Cameras Blinding Residents
Resident complaints about speed camera flashes at night forced Scottsdale, Arizona to cut back on ticketing.

Ironwood VillageScottsdale, Arizona was forced to address concerns last week of neighborhood residents blinded at night by the city's speed cameras. Several two-story homes that face a Pima Road ticketing machine had been illuminated at all hours after dark by the bright flash that signified the city was about to mail yet another $170 citation. Scottsdale issued 110,962 such tickets in 2006 -- worth $17 million.

"When that thing flashes, it looks like it's lightning," Ironwood Village community resident Tong Kim told the Arizona Republic newspaper.

New York City residents have made the same complaint, with some saying the city's red light cameras were forcing them to consider moving. Scottsdale responded to complaints by promising to cut back on the camera's use during low-volume times at night. The city refused to provide specifics on the ticket timing.

Source: Speed cameras on Pima go dark (Arizona Republic, 9/24/2007)

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