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UK: Speed Cameras Remain Destroyed in Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire, UK speed cameras destroyed six months ago have not been repaired.

Willingham destroyed speed camera. Photo: Derek/FlickrOfficials in Lincolnshire, UK have not repaired speed cameras that vigilantes had destroyed several months ago. In February, a camera in a 30 MPH zone on the A1073 in Cowbit was taken out. In April, activists destroyed a camera on the A16 in Deepings.

The burnt-out camera remains currently stand idle, shrouded by a blue tarp and unable to issue citations. A representative for the Lincolnshire Speed Camera Partnership told the Free Press that it would take time to schedule the replacements which cost £40,000 (US $80,000) each in parts and labor.

Source: Camera vandals put lives in danger (Lincolnshire Free Press (UK), 8/14/2007)

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