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Slap on Wrist for Iowa Sheriff in $120k Traffic Theft
A sheriff convicted of stealing $120,000 from a motorist gets probation and a $1000 fine.

Brian GilbertA former Iowa sheriff received a suspended sentence yesterday for the crime of stealing $120,000 from a motorist. A jury convicted Dallas County Sheriff Brian Gilbert, 44, in April for taking the money during a traffic stop last year. Instead of ten years in prison, a judge imposed probation, a $1000 fine and some community service.

On March 15, 2006 Gilbert's deputies pulled over a car on Interstate 80 because it had dark window tinting. During the stop, officers searched the vehicle and found about $900,000 in cash stored in separate bundles. They deputies seized the money.

Sheriff Gilbert then arrived on the scene to transport all of the cash to the office, but the amount delivered turned out to be one bundle short. Gilbert maintained that he was innocent.

Source: Former Dallas sheriff gets probation for felony theft (Des Moines Register (IA), 6/20/2007)

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