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Canada: Meter Maid Tickets Sleeping Man
A meter maid sees a 76-year-old man passed out behind the wheel in the middle of the night. He issues a parking ticket.

Toronto meter maidMeter maids in Toronto, Canada are more concerned with meeting citation performance measurements than helping out fellow citizens. Last month, Gordon Meggson, 76, had parked his car on a street with little traffic and no scarcity of parking. Instead of driving home tired after a long day's work, he took a nap.

At 1:25am, a passing meter maid saw Meggson's vehicle. Despite seeing an elderly man passed out in the driver's seat, the meter maid wrote up a $60 parking ticket and walked away. Meggson woke up an hour later, did not notice the ticket, and drove to another location where he took a second nap. A police officer knocked on his car window after 3:30am.

"The officers were concerned," Meggson told the Toronto Star newspaper. "They didn't know if I'd been drinking or if I was ill. They asked me questions. One officer noticed a ticket on the windshield. It was from 1:25 a.m. I hadn't noticed. I said, 'I wish that fellow had woken me up like you fellows did.'"

Meggson will go to traffic court to see if a judge would be willing to reduce the fine.

Source: Why let a sleeping driver lie? (Toronto Star (Canada), 6/18/2007)

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