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Australian Gov't Doesn't Check Camera Safety Record
Australian opposition party members seek safety data on speed camera locations. It doesn't exist.

Australian Opposition LeaderSpeed cameras are about safety, the Australian government tells its citizens. When, however, the opposition party used the freedom of information act to check and see how well the devices were actually working, they found no safety data existed.

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Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg told The Courier-Mail yesterday the situation made a mockery of the Government's claim the cameras were positioned to improve safety rather than raise revenue.

"It is inexcusable in the extreme that Queensland Transport has not updated road crash data for four years," he said.

Mr Springborg called the "veil of secrecy" surrounding speed camera sites to be lifted and for each location to be independently determined.
Source: Camera safety zoning a myth (Courier-Mail (Australia), 12/6/2004)

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