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Missouri City Wants All Ticket Camera Revenue
Gladstone, Missouri is not interested in sharing any red light camera profit with the state.

Gladstone, MissouriGladstone, Missouri wants to install red light cameras -- but only if it can keep all the revenue. The city council is expected to approve a contract with German red light camera vendor Traffipax on Monday. One of the contract's unique provision allows the city to back out of the deal if the state legislature causes, "the redirection of revenues that would impair the City's ability to satisfy its financial obligations."

Several states have sought to limit the revenue raising potential of photo enforcement systems by mandating revenues be directed into state accounts. In North Carolina, for example, the state constitution requires all fines to be directed to the state school system. After a court ruling upheld the provision, the cities of Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville and High Point dropped ticketing operations.

Because there is no legal authorization for photo enforcement in the state of Missouri, officials are worried that legislation could deprive the city of its new revenue stream once the program is up and running.

Source: Red-light camera vote set for May 28 (Johnson County Sun (MO), 5/25/2007)

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