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Ohio State Troopers Earn Salary in Speeding Tickets
The top state police officers in Ohio earn far more than their annual salary in traffic tickets issued.

Ohio Highway PatrolAt least 57 Ohio state troopers brought in six-figure revenue from speeding tickets last year. According to a Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper analysis, the Ohio Highway Patrol issued 563,565 tickets in 2006. Fifty-seven troopers reached the magic "1000 ticket" mark by writing at least that many citations for a number of offenses -- most often for speeding.

The state's top trooper was responsible for writing a total of 1530 citations. With speeding tickets averaging between $100 to $500, that lawman single-handedly brought in between $153,000 and $765,000 in state and municipal revenue.

Although the Ohio Highway Patrol technically receives its funding from a transportation account funded by gas taxes, increased general revenue from tickets allows lawmakers to spend more on other priorities. These priorities sometimes include additional funding for new state police programs.

Source: When, where not to speed (Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH), 5/20/2007)

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