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UK Letter Gives Great Example of Injustice
Man fined for getting out of the way of an emergency vehicle.

AmbulanceOne of the many problems with camera enforcement is the inability of a machine to make simple judgments that should be made by a human being. This letter from a gentleman in Surrey, England provides a perfect example of injustice. He had to speed up for a few seconds to get out of the way of some kind of emergency vehicle like an ambulance.

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I WAS driving my car in a normal stream of traffic when I had to move to the centre of the road in order to pass a large van parked on the left.

As I indicated my intended manoeuvre and checked my rearview mirror, I saw that an emergency vehicle with flashing lights was coming up behind me at speed. Since I was by now almost abreast of the parked van, I accelerated for a second or two to get my car out of the way so as to give the emergency vehicle a clear road.

In so doing, I triggered a speed camera which was positioned precisely alongside the parked van. I got a fixed penalty fine and three penalty points.

I wrote to the police explaining the situation. But it seems that raking in money from the poor old motorist is all that interests them.

Edgar Riches, South Croydon, Surrey
Source: Letter to the editor (The Express (UK), 11/29/2004)

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