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UK: Classic Car Wrongly Seized, Crushed
London, UK borough officials refuse to compensate the owner of a $60,000 classic car wrongly crushed by meter maids.

Bristol 411The Lambeth Council in London, UK refuses to compensate the owner of a rare, classic automobile that was improperly seized and destroyed. Mendoza Stewart, 51, lost his 1972 Bristol 411 after meter maids searching for vehicles to ticket in a borough parking lot incorrectly assumed the £30,000 (US $60,000) car was not properly taxed.

As a classic, the Bristol was exempt from the road tax and displayed an exemption notice on the windshield. Only 287 of the hand-built Bristol 411 model were made between 1968 and 1976.

Source: Crushed by the council: the 30,000 classic car that was parked legally (Daily Mail (UK), 4/10/2007)

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