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Florida: Speed Trap Town Tickets Slow-Down Activist
Kenneth City, Florida Police issue $73 ticket to woman who attempted to slow traffic in the speed trap town.

Florida lightAn activist promoting slower driving in a notorious Florida speed trap town was ticketed for creating a safety hazard. Kali Gillespie, 68, hoped to slow drivers outside her 46th Avenue North home by distracting them with a flashing yellow light.

Kenneth City police issued a $200 ticket to Gillespie in November last year, but she turned the light back on after a judge dismissed the case. Police later confiscated the re-installed light and issued a $73.50 citation under state law prohibiting unauthorized traffic control devices.

Gillespie is now considering whether to fight the decision. She is known to complain about lax speed enforcement, even though the city has earned a reputation for its harsh treatment of drivers.

"Kenneth City cops will pull you over for two miles-per-hour over (the limit)," a motorist warns on the national Speed Trap Exchange website. "No mercy from these guys at all."

Source: Antispeeding vigilante gets ticket for her efforts (St Petersburg Times (FL), 4/9/2007)

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