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Oregon: Cop Fights Photo Radar Ticket
A Beaverton, Oregon police officer is challenging photo radar in her city.

Beaverton badgeA Beaverton, Oregon police officer is challenging the city's speed camera program as illegal. A camera accused Jessica Hull, 29, of doing 40 MPH in a 30 zone on April 16 last year. Hull refuses to pay the $125 citation.

"What we're doing is challenging everything," Hull's attorney, James McIntyre, told the Oregonian. "We're saying this ticket is not valid."

In response, Beaverton spent $5000 to retain an outside lawyer to handle the case for the city. At stake are the 9758 photo citations issued last year worth over a million dollars in revenue, plus millions in future revenue.

The Beaverton Police Association has rallied to support Hull, suggesting the city is retaliating against her because she failed to embrace photo ticketing as an officer.

"There's a whole host of issues that come out of this," police union lawyer Mark Makler told the Oregonian. "We have big issues with photo radar in Beaverton."

Source: City to cop: Sorry, you were doing 10 over (The Oregonian, 3/21/2007)

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