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How to Lose Your Car in 60 Seconds
Albuquerque seeks to impound vehicles after second camera offense. Won't spend more than 30 seconds to verify any violation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is preparing to install a red light camera system. They have entered the, "Oh, we have way more violations than we expected in our first test" stage.

They propose fines that include impoundment for a second offense -- something that could easily happen by triggering the camera more than once on the same day. You wouldn't even know it until the ticket arrived weeks later. Police brag that they won't spend more than 30 seconds examining the ticket before issuing it.

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The proposed fines would be $100 for a first offense; $250 and a 30-day impound on a second offense; and $500 and a 90-day impound for third-offense citations.

[APD Lt. Robert] Haarhues said the program requires limited police manpower. "If the violation is valid, which it almost always is, we OK it, send it back to (Redflex), and they mail out the citation," Haarhues said. "It's a 30-second involvement for us, if that."
Source: 2,200 Viewed Running Lights (Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico), 12/1/2004)

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