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UK: Speed Camera, Congestion Tax Offices Bombed
Retaliation against speed cameras escalates with two UK letter bomb attacks.

Vantis logoTwo letter bombs exploded in offices administering UK speed camera and congestion tax payments within the past 24 hours. The most recent explosion took place at 9am today in the office of speed camera contractor Vantis, located at the Oaklands Business Centre in Wokingham. Yesterday's explosion rocked the offices of congestion tax contractor Capita in Westminster, London at 9:40am.

The woman who opened the explosive letter for Capita and two men in their thirties at Vantis each sustained minor injuries.

The escalation of violence against personnel involved in camera operations does not have the support of Motorists Against Detection (MAD) leader Captain Gatso whose supporters have burned, pummeled or blown up nearly a thousand speed cameras in the past several years.

"We are not responsible for these attacks and do not condone causing injury to anyone," Captain Gatso told the London Evening Standard newspaper. "However, there is a war against motorists and it seems this is an act of retaliation."

Source: Now speed camera HQ is bombed (London Evening Standard (UK), 2/6/2007)

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