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New York: Union Dispute Quintuples Parking Tickets
Yonkers, New York police issue hundreds of tickets to force the mayor to increase their pay.

Eddie ArmourPolice in Yonkers, New York have increased the number of parking and traffic tickets five-fold in order to force the mayor's hand in a bid for increased salaries. In one district, for example, a daily rate of 30 parking tickets issued is the norm. Last Friday, there were 170 citations written, generating $11,050 in revenue.

Local business owners complained that every truck making a delivery has received a citation. Police denied anything unusual was happening.

"There's no ticket blitz," Detective Eddie Armour, the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association president, told WNBC-TV. "We're addressing violations as we see them, the same way we address crime -- as we see it and as it occurs."

While WNBC was interviewing Armour, the station's press vehicle was issued a parking ticket outside the police station.

Source: Police Ticket Blitz Burns Up Yonkers Mayor (WNBC-TV (NY), 1/13/2007)

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