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No Signs, No Traffic Controls -- More Safety?
Eliminating traffic control devices has reduced accidents in the Netherlands.

Naked StreetWhat happens when you tear out the traffic signals, throw away the speed limit signs, flatten the speed bumps and toss out the speed cameras? Chaos, right? Wrong.

Traffic consultant David Engwicht suggests that, "once the traffic signs stop indulging drivers, they will slow down, make eye contact with the other road users and everyone will work out how to share the revitalised civic space of the street."

In Europe, this concept is called the "naked street" and it appears to be working. Christiansfeld, Denmark eliminated fatal accidents at a problem intersection by using the technique. Other trials in the Netherlands produced more efficient traffic flow with fewer accidents.

A huge PDF slideshow from the City College of New York is available for more information.

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The success of trials in the north of The Netherlands -- car speeds, trip times and accidents all reduced -- has inspired a Europe-wide study. The idea is to co-ordinate naked streets in neighbourhoods and towns with traditional efficient highways.
Source: Naked street on right road (The Australian, 2/10/2005)

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