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UK: Police Charge Victim $970 After Losing Car
A London, UK woman is charged $970 after police illegally parked her car while she was in the hospital.

Alexandra CrookLondon Metropolitan Police illegally parked the car belonging to an accident victim who had been taken to the hospital. The police racked up five parking tickets worth £500 (US $970), leaving Alexandra Crook, 22, to pay the fines after she was released from St John's Wood hospital on October 23. Crook suffered from severe whiplash after her car was struck in west London.

Upon release, police claimed they forgot where they parked Crook's car. It took four days for them to tell Crook that they had left it behind Paddington Green Police Station.

"They kept shifting the responsibility, one police station blamed another," Crook told BBC News.

Crook appealed against the tickets to Westminster City Council, but the council insisted the tickets were valid. Only after the story appeared in the media did the council decide to drop the fines.

Source: Threat of 500 fine over lost car (BBC News (UK), 1/9/2007)

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