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Arizona Cities, Brought to You By ACS
Chandler, Arizona begins a unpaid fine collection program. Turns over $7.3 million in speed camera money to ACS.

Arizona RepublicThe vast majority of motorists are law-abiding and pay their fines. For the few who don't, the city of Chandler, Arizona has instituted an unpaid fine collection program that makes clear just how profitable camera programs can be.

The city handed ACS a check for $7.3 million in recently collected fines that dated as far back as 1994. The cut for city and county courts was $3.5 million. Chandler has new authority to suspend license renewal, which is why so many are now paying up.

Arizona residents who appeal their ACS citations should take note that the Arizona Supreme Court hired the speed camera company for a pilot court collections project in 2003. It also collects Arizona state "child-support payments, manages the Maricopa County jury system, calculates state fuel taxes and runs photo radar in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa" according to the Arizona Republic.

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Affiliated representatives told a group of Arizona court officials in September 2003 that the company is paid $1 to $25 for each letter it sends, phone call it makes, time payment plan it creates and sanction document it files; fees are added to delinquent fines to cover most of those services.
Source: Letter of the law: Pay up! (Arizona Republic, 2/10/2005)

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