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Arizona: More Cities Turn Red Light Cameras into Speed Cameras
Prescott Valley, Arizona uses red light cameras to issue speeding tickets.

Prescott Valley, Arizona Prescott Valley, Arizona is more than doubling the chances of it collecting large fines from motorists passing through the town's intersections. It joins nearby Mesa by using "speed on green" technology to allow its red light cameras to begin issuing speeding tickets.

Prescott Valley began issuing photo tickets late last year under a contract with Australian camera vendor Redflex that allows up to twelve cameras. The town's council members claimed while approving the deal that the cameras would be "revenue neutral." The town's FY06-07 budget, however, expects at least $151,392 in profit from the current limited deployment of two cameras and a mobile speed camera van.

The town also continues its push for freeway cameras on State Routes 69 and 89 to share in Scottsdale's success. The latter city placed speed cameras on the Loop 101 freeway and, so far, has issued at least $29,811,317 worth of tickets to 189,881 drivers.

Source: Prying eyes may save lives (Prescott Daily Courier (AZ), 1/3/2007)

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