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North Carolina: Rear End Collision Kills Three
When a car slams into a vehicle that has stopped for a red light, the consequences can be devastating as happened in a Fayetteville, North Carolina tragedy.

Sergeant Clayton MorganA rear end collision in Fayetteville, North Carolina took the lives of three people last week. Army Sergeant Clayton Morgan, 25, faces involuntary manslaughter charges for slamming his Nissan Pathfinder into a Honda Accord that had stopped for a red light at Fillyaw and North Reilly Road.

Most proponents of the automated red light enforcement used in Fayetville downplay the significance of rear end collisions, calling them "fender benders." Studies have shown that the devices can cause rear enders when individuals stop unexpectedly in order to avoid a ticket. The December 18 incident shows just how devastating such accidents can be.

Hyo Kyong Griffin, 48, and his son Joshua, 9, died as their car was cut in half and hurled 120 feet into the intersection. There the Accord struck and killed Tom Parent, 48, who was passing through on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Police estimate that Morgan's vehicle was traveling at 60 MPH in the 45 zone and that because he was distracted he most likely did not hit the brakes before impact. Morgan struck two other cars before coming to a stop.

Source: Police say Reilly Road driver speeding (Fayetteville Observer (NC), 12/29/2006)

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