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Oklahoma Speed Trap Removed, Tennessee Trap Returns
As a speed trap in Moffett, Oklahoma is shut down, speed traps return to Coopertown, Tennessee.

Moffett, OklahomaAs of Wednesday, the town of Moffett, Oklahoma lost the power to issue traffic citations. The Oklahoma Attorney General and Department of Public Safety shut down the notorious speed trap because the town had collected more than half its operating budget from speeding tickets, in violation of state law. In 2004, the town generated 84 percent of its budget from tickets.

State police and the county sheriff will now have responsibility for patrolling the four-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 64 that runs through Moffett. Several speed limit changes along the route entrap motorists passing through.

In Coopertown, Tennessee the speed trap Mayor Danny Crosby is back on the job after a public referendum forced him to stand trial for ordering police to target minorities, political enemies and military personnel for speeding tickets. A judge refused to remove Crosby from office, saying that was a decision for the voters of Coopertown.

Residents report that speed trap activities have returned to "business as usual."

Source: Moffett Police banned from patrol (Sequoyah County Times (OK), 12/22/2006)

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