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Australia: Officials Admit 568 Speed Camera Accuracy Errors
Documents show Sydney, Australia speed cameras failed accuracy tests eight percent of the time.

Sydney speed camera signDocuments obtained by Nine News in Sydney, Australia show that 568 accuracy errors were discovered in the city's 117 fixed speed cameras. The Roads and Traffic Authority Fixed Speed Camera Testing Records report shows that in 7500 tests of accuracy the devices failed eight percent of the time. Moreover, the authority suspended camera operation 200 times because of technical errors on the part of cameras.

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) attempted to suppress the information from disclosure under freedom of information laws by claiming it would cost A$246,000 to retrieve the information. RTA officials defended the accuracy of their devices which generate millions in annual revenue.

Source: Sydneys faulty speed cameras exposed (Nine News (Australia), 12/18/2006)

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