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Arkansas: Small Towns Push to Repeal Speed Trap Law
Arkansas Municipal League pushing to allow small towns to collect more than half of their annual operating revenue from speed traps.

Arkansas Municipal LeagueSmall towns in Arkansas are angry that state law does not permit more than a third of their annual operating budget to come from traffic citations. In response, the Arkansas Municipal League proposed changes to the legislature last week. The League wants towns to earn half of their revenue from speeding tickets.

The existing anti-speed trap law also prohibits issuing more than half of all speeding tickets for 10 MPH or less. Even this provision has not stopped cities from lowering speeding limits to entrap motorists, according to data from the SpeedTrap Exchange website which allows motorists to document areas notorious for unfair ticket activity.

"Some cities have got some really small budgets," the League's Executive Director, Don Zimmerman, told The Morning News. "If, in fact, they are limited to no more than 30 percent of their revenue from traffic violations exceeding 10 miles an hour, there are some places that can't even write a ticket a day."

Source: Talks ongoing to amend states speed trap law (Northwest Arkansas Morning News, 12/16/2006)

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