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Uganda to Impose Congestion Tax
Kampala, Uganda brings congestion taxes to Africa.

Kampala, UgandaMotorists in the capital city of Uganda will soon be paying a congestion tax similar to the one imposed on residents of London, England. Officials in Kampala, a city of 1.2 million, decided to adopt the measure to impress leaders from 53 former British colonies as the city plays host to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting next year.

"Kampala City Council will raise revenue from vehicle owners who may want to drive to town instead of using cheap buses," Mayor Nasser Sebaggala told New Vision. "The introduction of a congestion fee will instill discipline."

Motorists will pay sh30,000 (US $16.60) to enter the city as the charge and new public transit measures are introduced early next year.

Source: Car owners to pay for city entry (New Vision (Uganda), 12/6/2006)

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